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If you are interested in initiating a talk at the Security Camp, add you name to the list.



1. Parasuraman N - OpenSocial Security


2. Rishabh Mukherjee - Role Based Access Control for your Business


3. Modelling Tools and Approaches - Threat Modelling


4. Guruprasad G V - Security Testing


5. Anwin J - Source Code Analysis - Early phase vulnerability assessment


6.Yash (yashks@gmail.com) - Threats @ Windows Desktop


7. Akash Mahajan - From Exploit to Snort Sig in ten minutes


8. Akash Mahajan - Securing Windows XP for free


9. Bipin Upadhyay - Designing a Phishing/Fraud IDS : Protecting your $12B portal using 12th standard statistics


10. OWASP BLR GROUP - Reviving OWASP Bangalore Chapter - A discussion on what needs to be done.


11. Shobha Rani J - Invisible Authentication !


12. Madhavi & Ankit - DLP solution

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Anonymous said

at 4:49 pm on Jul 3, 2008

How much time each might get to present ? It is fixed or It is flexible as of now?

Yash (yashks@gmail.com)

Anonymous said

at 1:08 pm on Jul 10, 2008

Now that's strange.
Why is the app *stripping* the word *conceptual*???

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